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High Quality Garage Door Cable Repair Services In Edmonton



If your garage door isn’t working properly, one of the first things you should check is the cable - if your cable is frayed or snapped better call the pro's

The garage door cable is what lifts and lowers your door. Over time, the cable can become frayed or even snap. If this happens, your door will no longer be able to open or close. Replacing a snapped cable requires professional expertise.

Your garage door may not be the only part of your house that’s giving you trouble. Garage door cables do wear out and need to be some time replaced. Doing so will take care of all your emergency garage door issues!

There are a few easy ways to know when it is time to replace your old cable with a new one.

First and foremost, they are worn out as they have gone through all the natural wear and tear garage doors go through every day. A scanner can lead you to believe the sticker on an old cable is different, which may in fact be the case if this is not the original cord on installation.

Garage door cable replacement expenses vary according to whether or not you replace just one cable or both of them, the size of cable that you will need for your garage door and if you will need to replace the bottom brackets, top hinges and the drums at the top of the door.

Why Garage door cable repair is important?

If you have ever had your garage door get stuck, you know how frustrating it can be. You might be tempted to ignore the problem and hope it goes away, but that is not a good idea. Garage door cable repair is important because it can prevent more serious problems from developing, and it can also save you money in the long run. It can be dangerous for your health as well as your safety. The longer you wait to have it repaired, the more likely you are to suffer a serious injury.

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    Why Choose "The Garage Door Repair Guys" When You Need Garage Door Spring Replacement In The Edmonton Area

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    We don't charge extra's on long weekends, holidays or on regular weekdays. As long as the work is part of our operating hours we do not charge extra.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    As a family operated business we believe in returning customers, we know that each customer of ours is putting their trust in our company. That's why we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our garage door services.

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    Calling a garage door repairman to your home in Edmonton means that you have to rely on a person you've never met to handle your home. The Garage Door Repair Guys makes sure to train all of our technicians on all types of garage doors so you can relax knowing that your garage door is in good hands.

    Award Winning Service

    With professionals like us in garage doors you don't have to worry about shady sales tactics, low quality service or any problem you've experienced in the past with the different garage door companies in Edmonton.

    Reasonable Rates

    When you deal with a reliable garage door company you want to know what you're paying. With us we don't charge any hidden fees or nothing. Our call out fee is $30 flat which includes the inspection and a maintenance on your garage door system.

    The Right Equipment

    Choosing a garage door company means that you need someone that knows how to handle your garage door. Whether it's a Wayne Dalton, CHI, Clopay garage door or a Liftmaster/Genie/Craftsman Garage Door opener You Can rest assured our team has all the equipment they need to get your garage door fixed on the spot.

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    Did you notice that your garage door cable snapped? Looking to get your garage door up and running today?

    The Garage Door Repair Guys offers same day garage door repair services all around the Edmonton area. Whether it’s an emergency garage door repair, garage door spring replacement, garage door cables installation or getting your garage door back on it’s track.

    When It Comes To Your Garage Door Opener - Choose The Best

    If you’re in need of garage door cable repair, you may be wondering why you should hire our company specifically. Here are four reasons why: 

    1. We’re experienced – We’ve been in business for many years and have repaired all kinds of garage doors and cables. Our team has extensive troubleshooting experience, which can help you get to the problem quickly and without any delays. 
    2. We’re professional – All of our employees are background-checked, experienced, and trained professionals. From the moment you book an appointment to the moment you pay for the service, you will receive a top-notch experience for the service. 
    3. We’re affordable – we provide free estimates and will work with your budget to get the job done right. Plus, there are no hidden charges. You pay for what you agree. 
    4. We’re fast – We can get your garage door up and working in no time with our same-day service. We are available on weekends and holidays because emergencies do not have a calendar! 

    Just give us a call, and we’ll be there to rescue you! 

    We have seen it all when it comes to garage door repairs. Our technicians are here to help with any of your needs!

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    Garage Door Opener FAQ

    Pricing for garage door cables will depend on multiple factors, it’ll depend on how many cables we need to replace and what parts are needed to replace with your garage door cables such as bottom brackets, top hinges or garage door drums, usually you can expect to pay anywhere between $130 to $350 for replacing your garage door cables.

    Fixing your broken or snapped garage door cables is an easy job for an experienced DIYer though you should expect to spend anywhere from 2-4 hours based on your experience.
    Fixing the cable would require disengaging the opener, releasing tension from the garage door springs, and releasing the bottom brackets and top hinge from the securing the cable.

    Broken garage door cables can be promptly fixed by a professional garage door company who has the necessary technical knowledge, tools, and qualifications in the matter. They will have clear guidelines to remove and replace broken cables.

    Opening the door when you have a snapped garage door cable is not recommended as you may cause the door to go off track resulting in a more costly and complicated repair.
    If you found out that your garage door cable snapped make sure to call professionals that offer same day garage door service to make sure you get your repair done in no time.

    The life expectancy of garage door cables usually run between 7-13 years when high quality parts are used.
    Though you should make sure to preform your yearly maintenance and garage door inspection to make sure that the cables aren’t frayed or rusting due to the Edmonton weather.

    The most common reason for garage door cables to snap in Edmonton is usually wear and tear or the harsh weather in the winter. When your garage door cable gets wet that’ll lead to rust which will affect the lift expectancy of your garage door cable.

    Our call out fee is $30 and includes a thorough inspection of your garage door which includes; springs, cables, opener, weather insulation, hinges, shafts and your garage door panels. With that he will also do a maintenance on the door which will include lubricating moving parts and strengthen them as well.

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    When it comes to your garage doors - choose the best!

    The Garage Door Repair guys Of Edmonton is one of the best companies when it comes to garage doors. We are committed to providing customers with 100% satisfaction guaranteed with a team of qualified garage door repairman.

    The Garage Door Repair Guys is a family-owned business that has been in the industry for over 10 years. We have a reputation of being honest, reliable and dependable.


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