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Understanding the Crucial Role of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are integral to your garage door’s function, bearing the full weight of the door each time it’s used. These hard-working components make it possible for a heavy door to be lifted with minimal effort.


Over time, continuous strain can lead to wear and tear, impacting your garage door’s performance and potentially posing a safety risk. Ignoring signs of damage or wear can result in your garage door’s operation being compromised.


When you see signs of spring wear or damage, prompt professional attention is crucial. The Garage Door Repair Guys of Edmonton are ready to provide top-tier garage door spring repair, ensuring your home remains safe and convenient. Keep your garage door springs in prime condition for a seamless, secure garage door operation.

Detecting the Warning Signs of Garage Door Springs Damage

Garage door springs are under continuous tension and can deteriorate over time. Recognizing the warning signs of wear and tear can help prevent further damage to your garage door and potential safety risks.

Difficulty in Operation: If your garage door is harder to open or close than usual, or it doesn’t operate smoothly, it could be a sign that the springs are not functioning correctly.

Door Doesn’t Fully Open: Garage doors that only open partially or not at all often indicate a spring issue.

Crooked Door: When a spring breaks, one side of the door can lift faster than the other, causing the door to appear crooked.

Loud Noise: Springs can snap suddenly, producing a loud noise. If you hear a sudden loud bang from your garage, it’s possible a spring has broken and should be replaced.

Gap in the Spring: Visual inspection can reveal a break in the spring. If you see a gap in what should be a solid, coiled piece, your spring has likely snapped.

These signs suggest that your garage door springs might need immediate repair. For your safety, it’s best to contact a professional service like The Garage Door Repair Guys of Edmonton. DIY attempts can lead to injuries due to the high tension in these springs.


Restore Your Garage Door with Our Professional Spring Repair & Replacement Services

Don’t ignore your malfunctioning garage door! The issue might lie with the springs. 

There are two main types of garage door springs – torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are located above the door opening, while extension springs are positioned on either side of the door.

While extension springs are more common, sometimes both types of springs can fail. If this happens, it’s crucial to replace the spring promptly to get your garage door back up and running smoothly.

A malfunctioning garage door spring can lead to various problems. The door may not open or close properly, posing a safety risk. Moreover, a broken spring can cause the door to suddenly fall, potentially causing further damage to the door and frame. Timely replacement is essential to avoid such complications.


When to Call: Recognizing the Perfect Moment for Garage Door Spring Repair

Timing Is Everything: When to Call for Garage Door Spring Repair 

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Discover the crucial signs indicating it’s time to contact professional garage door spring repair. Protect your investment and secure the safety of your family and property.

Call our team of professionals for quick and reliable garage door spring repair service.

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We provide honest, high-quality service, free from shady sales tactics, offering a better experience than other garage door companies in Edmonton, especially regarding spring cable repairs.


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With us, there are no hidden fees, and our call-out fee is a flat $30, which includes inspection and maintenance of your garage door system, including the spring cables.


The Right Equipment

Our team is equipped to handle various garage door types, and specifically, we have the expertise and tools to deal with spring cable systems. Whether it's Wayne Dalton, CHI, Clopay, or Liftmaster/Genie/Craftsman openers with spring cables.

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Experience premium, fast, and affordable spring repair services. Contact The Garage Door Repair Guys Of Edmonton at 780-782-2023 to discuss the repair, replacement, and installation our garage door spring services can bring to your garage door.



The Garage Door Repair Guys Of Edmonton is one of the best companies when it comes to garage doors. We are committed to providing customers with 100% satisfaction guaranteed with a team of qualified garage door repairman.

The Garage Door Repair Guys is a family-owned business that has been in the industry for over 10 years located at Edmonton, Alberta. We have a reputation for being honest, reliable, and dependable.

Garage Door Spring Repair FAQ

Signs include the garage door not opening smoothly, loud noises when the door moves, the door falling too quickly when closing, or the door not opening. Visible wear or elongation of the springs can also indicate a need for repair.

Repairing or replacing garage door springs can be very dangerous due to their high tension. Hiring a professional technician to handle spring repairs or replacements is strongly recommended to ensure safety and proper installation.

The long-standing garage door springs depend on the quality and type of spring and usage frequency. On average, springs can last between 7 to 12 years, or about 10,000 cycles (one cycle is a single door opening and closing).

Torsion springs are mounted above the closed garage door and spread the weight evenly, making them more durable and stable. Extension springs are mounted on either side of the door and extend when the door is moved. Each type has different repair and maintenance requirements.

Operating a garage door with a broken spring is highly risky and can cause further damage to the door mechanism and opener. It can also cause a severe safety hazard. It’s best to avoid using the door until the spring is restored.

The cost of repairing a garage door spring alters depending on the type of spring, the extent of the damage, and your geographical location. It’s advisable to get a few quotes from different companies to understand the expected cost in your area.

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