How to Close a Broken Garage Door?

Dealing with a malfunctioning garage door can be both inconvenient and potentially dangerous. Various issues can cause a garage door to become inoperable, making it challenging to close securely. Whether you’re attempting to address the problem on your own or considering professional assistance, it’s crucial to understand the common problems that can arise and how to effectively resolve them.

Broken Springs

Problem: Garage door springs bear the weight of the door and enable smooth opening and closing. When these springs break, the door can become very heavy and difficult to move.

DIY Solution:

  • Assessment: Inspect the springs to determine if they are broken.
  • Disconnect the Opener: Pull the emergency release cord to disengage the garage door opener.
  • Secure the Door: Use C-clamps or locking pliers to keep the door from falling.
  • Manual Lowering: With caution, manually lower the door. It may require assistance due to the door’s weight.

Expert Solution:

  • Inspection and Replacement: A professional will inspect the springs and replace them with high-quality, compatible parts.
  • Safety Handling: Experts use specialized tools to handle the high-tension springs safely.

Broken Cables

Problem: Cables work in tandem with the springs to lift the door. When cables snap, the door can become misaligned or stuck.

DIY Solution:

  • Safety First: Ensure the power to the garage door opener is disconnected.
  • Emergency Release: Pull the emergency release cord.
  • Stabilize the Door: Secure the door with C-clamps or locking pliers.
  • Lower Manually: Carefully lower the door, ensuring it doesn’t fall abruptly.

Expert Solution:

  • Professional Inspection: Technicians assess the cable damage and replace the broken cables.
  • Precision Repair: Experts realign and balance the door, ensuring smooth operation.

Track Misalignment

Problem: Garage door tracks guide the door as it opens and closes. Misaligned tracks can cause the door to get stuck or move unevenly.

DIY Solution:

  • Inspection: Check the tracks for bends or obstructions.
  • Realignment: Loosen the screws holding the tracks in place and gently tap them back into alignment with a rubber mallet.
  • Tighten Screws: Secure the tracks after realignment.

Expert Solution:

  • Thorough Check: Professionals conduct a comprehensive inspection to identify all misalignment issues.
  • Track Repair: Technicians adjust or replace tracks as necessary, ensuring precise alignment and smooth door operation.

Sensor Malfunction

Problem: Garage door sensors prevent the door from closing on obstacles. Misaligned or dirty sensors can cause the door to remain open.

DIY Solution:

  • Clean Sensors: Wipe off any dirt or debris from the sensor lenses.
  • Align Sensors: Ensure that both sensors are properly aligned and facing each other.
  • Test: Test the door to see if it closes properly.

Expert Solution:

  • Professional Adjustment: Experts fine-tune the sensor alignment and replace malfunctioning sensors if needed.
  • System Check: Technicians perform a complete system check to ensure all components function correctly.

For complex issues or if you are unsure about performing any DIY repairs, seeking professional help from The Garage Door Repair Guys Of Edmonton ensures safety and reliable solutions.

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