how to open garage door manually

There comes a time in every homeowner's life when, for one reason or another, the automatic garage door opener fails

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when, for one reason or another, the automatic garage door opener fails. Perhaps there’s a power outage, or the opener itself malfunctions. 

Regardless of the reason, understanding how to open garage door manually becomes crucial. This guide will ensure you’re never trapped, whether inside or outside of your garage.

Prioritize Safety

  • First things first, if your garage door is partially open, avoid disengaging it. The door could crash down, leading to potential damage or injury.
  • Always keep kids and pets at a safe distance while handling the door.

From Inside the Garage: How to Manually Open Garage Door

a. Disconnect from the Opener

Spot the emergency release cord. It’s usually a distinct color, like red, dangling from the trolley (the part that connects the door to the opener). By pulling this cord, you can disconnect the door from the automatic system.

b. Lift and Secure 

Once disconnected, grab the door from the bottom and lift. If the door stays in place, great! If not, there may be an issue with its springs, and it’s best to contact professionals.

Outside Access: How to Open Garage Door Manually from Outside

For those moments when you’re on the outside looking in:

a. The Emergency Kit

Some garages are equipped with an external emergency release kit. If yours has one, it’s typically a lock with a key located at the center or top of the door. Using the key will disconnect the door from its opener.

b. Time to Lift

Just like from the inside, grab the door from the bottom and lift. Always be cautious, ensuring the door remains in the open position.

Keep It Open (If Needed) 

Planning to keep the garage open for a while? Use C-clamps or lock pliers on the tracks above a roller. This precaution ensures the door doesn’t come crashing down if there’s an imbalance or spring issue.

Time to Reconnect 

Once everything’s back to normal:

  • Ensure the door is fully down.
  • Pull the emergency release cord towards the opener or the door to reconnect.
  • Test the door with the remote to confirm it’s back in automatic mode.

Expert Assistance? The Door Repair Guys of Edmonton Have Got You Covered

Navigating the how-tos of manually opening a garage door is a valuable skill. But sometimes, things can be tricky. When in doubt or facing challenges, always turn to the professionals. 

The Garage Door Repair Guys of Edmonton are experts in garage door repair and maintenance. Whether you’re unsure about how to manually open garage door or need a comprehensive service check, they’re here to help.


Knowing how to manually open a garage door is crucial, especially in unexpected situations. Whether there’s a power outage or a malfunction, it’s comforting to know you can still access your garage. 

However, always prioritize safety, and don’t hesitate to call for professional help if needed. Remember, The Garage Door Repair Guys of Edmonton is just a phone call away.



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