The Essential Guide to Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door springs are designed to endure immense tension and stress.

When your garage door suddenly becomes hard to lift or doesn’t open at all, it is often a clear sign that a crucial component – the spring – is in trouble. 

The springs play a pivotal role in the smooth operation of your garage door, balancing the weight and allowing for seamless opening and closing. 

Understanding the garage door spring replacement process, its costs, and when to do it is essential for every homeowner. Let’s dive into it!

Why Replace Garage Door Springs?

Garage door springs are designed to endure immense tension and stress. However, over time, due to daily wear and tear, they can weaken or snap. Operating your garage door with a broken spring is dangerous. It can lead to damage to the garage door or even cause injury.

Steps to Replace Garage Door Spring

If you’re curious about how to replace garage door spring, here’s a simplified breakdown:

  1. Safety First: Ensure the garage door opener is unplugged and the door is secured using clamps.
  2. Identify the Spring: Determine whether you have a torsion or extension spring. This affects the replacement method.
  3. Unwind Old Springs: For torsion springs, use winding bars. For extension springs, make sure the safety cable is removed first.
  4. Disconnect Springs from Track Bracket: This step is crucial to release the old springs.
  5. Install the New Spring: Place the new spring where the old one was. Ensure it’s tightly wound for torsion springs.
  6. Reconnect and Test: Once the new springs are in place, reconnect all the parts, and test the door’s functionality.

Remember, while the steps might seem straightforward, dealing with high-tension springs without the right tools can be dangerous. It’s always recommended to consult or hire professionals for this job.

Why It’s Essential to Address Spring Issues Immediately

Neglecting or postponing a garage door spring replacement can lead to several complications:

  1. Cause door damage: A faulty spring can bend or misalign the tracks, increasing future repair costs.
  2. Boost power usage: Broken springs make the door opener work harder, consuming more energy and reducing its life.
  3. Risk safety: A failed spring can drop the door suddenly, endangering those nearby.
  4. Diminish security: Doors may not close fully, inviting unauthorized entry.

Spring Maintenance Tips

  1. Inspect regularly: Look for wear or corrosion to catch issues early.
  2. Lubricate: Twice a year, apply lubricant to decrease wear.
  3. Test balance: Disconnect the opener and lift the door halfway. If it stays, the springs are good. Otherwise, consider a replacement.
  4. Skip DIY: For suspected issues, always consult professionals to avoid complications.

Understanding the Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing garage door springs varies depending on a few factors:

  1. Type of Spring: There are mainly two types of garage door springs – torsion and extension. Torsion springs tend to be more expensive than extension springs.
  2. Quality of the Spring: Premium quality springs, designed for more cycles, tend to cost more than average ones.
  3. Labor Charges: While the springs might not be overly expensive, hiring a professional to replace them would incur labor charges. This ensures that the replacement is done safely and correctly.

Weather Effects

In places like Edmonton, varying temperatures affect garage door springs. Cold can make metal brittle and humidity causes rust. Weatherproofing and awareness help prolong spring life.


A working garage door spring is essential for safety and smooth operations. Understanding the nuances of spring replacement allows homeowners to make the best choices.

When issues arise or are in need of expert advice, the Garage Door Repair Guys of Edmonton are ready to assist with top-quality solutions. Prioritize safety and trust only the best.



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