Touchmark at Wedgewood Edmonton: A Beacon of Senior Living Excellence

Welcome to Touchmark at Wedgewood Edmonton, where senior living transcends expectations, blending luxury with unparalleled comfort.
touchmark at wedgewood

Welcome to Touchmark at Wedgewood Edmonton, where senior living transcends expectations, blending luxury with unparalleled comfort. At Touchmark at Wedgewood, a distinguished Touchmark assisted living Edmonton community, residents experience a fusion of world-class facilities and exceptional services that redefine the essence of retirement living.

The Touchmark Wedgewood Experience

Touchmark Wedgewood redefines retirement living as a vibrant and nurturing environment, thoughtfully crafted to enrich the golden years. This community stands out in Edmonton for its perfect harmony of independence and support. Here, residents find tailored care that meets their unique needs, all within a setting that encourages engagement, wellness, and the joy of every day.

Premium Living Spaces and Amenities

Residents at Touchmark at Wedgewood Edmonton enjoy elegantly designed living spaces that cater to comfort and ease. The community boasts a variety of amenities:

  • State-of-the-Art Fitness Center: Promoting active and healthy living among residents.
  • Fine Dining: Nutritious and delicious meals prepared by expert chefs, with menus that cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs.
  • Engaging Activities: A robust calendar of social, educational, and recreational activities, ensuring residents are always engaged and connected.

Personalized Care and Support

What sets touchmark assisted living Edmonton apart is its commitment to personalized care. Each resident receives support tailored to their needs, delivered by compassionate and professional staff. From assistance with daily tasks to specialized medical care, Touchmark ensures a dignified and comfortable living experience.

Edmonton’s Attractions Beyond Touchmark Wedgewood

While Touchmark at Wedgewood Edmonton offers a fulfilling lifestyle within its premises, the surrounding city of Edmonton is brimming with cultural and historical landmarks to explore:

  • Alberta Legislature Building: This iconic Alberta Legislature building is not just a seat of government but a historical gem, offering beautiful architecture and picturesque grounds.
  • Winspear Centre: For music enthusiasts, the Winspear Centre is a cultural cornerstone, hosting various performances ranging from classical concerts to modern musical events.

These attractions, easily accessible from the touchmark at Wedgewood Edmonton ab, provide residents and their visitors with enriching experiences that showcase the cultural vibrancy of Edmonton.

A Community Rooted in Excellence

Touchmark at Wedgewood Edmonton is more than a place to live; it is a community that thrives on excellence. The attention to detail in every aspect, from living spaces to recreational activities, reflects Touchmark’s dedication to providing a superior lifestyle for seniors.


Touchmark at Wedgewood Edmonton is a testament to quality and excellence in senior living. It offers a blend of luxurious amenities, personalized care, and a vibrant community life that sets the standard for retirement living in Edmonton. For seniors seeking an enriching, active lifestyle with the bonus of exploring Edmonton’s attractions like World Waterpark and Elk Island National Park, Touchmark at Wedgewood is the ultimate destination.

Experience the difference at Touchmark at Wedgewood Edmonton AB, where every day brings new opportunities for enjoyment and discovery in the heart of Edmonton.

Touchmark At Wedgewood in Edmonton is a beacon of senior living excellence, providing a vibrant community for retirees, much like The Garage Door Repair Guys of Edmonton, who expertly ensure seamless transitions, smooth and secure, emphasizing quality and care for your garage doors.

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